Senthil Wholesome Rhapsody

On Association with Cancer

I have had a long association with cancer research. My first assignment was as a senior research fellow of experimental therapeutic oncology for stem cells at Manipal University. I worked as a visiting academic at Curtin University in Australia. I secured an admission with Sheffield university in UK to study for a super specialization degree in translational oncology. Cooking and alternative treatments have always attracted me. Back in Australia, I baked a cake for a potluck party. It was the first time I’d ever baked a cake and everyone loved it.

I started experimenting with food on my return as I wanted to avoid consuming flour and sugar. I started making small changes in my food. Drawing from my experience in molecular cancer biology, paired with research based evidence from reliable sources, I started creating cancer- friendly desserts.

Senthil Wholesome Rhapsody

On Founding Wholesome Rhapsody

I didn’t intend to commercialise it in the beginning. As my friends and family truly appreciated my efforts, I took a chance and came up with Wholesome Rhapsody, a kitchen for healthy desserts. Now, i am not a trained chef. I took a break in between for my study in U.K . Back there, I’d get messages inquiring about the cakes. It built my confidence.

Senthil Wholesome Rhapsody

Today, Wholesome Rhapsody (healthy ecstasy) serves customised cakes to individuals with cancer and other underlying health conditions. I ensure that the recipes are rich in cancer-fighting flavonoids, fibre and antioxidants. The in-house special ‘Mammary Love‘ brownie is made with ragi, coconut and almond flour. Their low oestrogen levels are crucial for individuals with breast and cervical cancer. I tend to use green tea, turmeric and other ingredients that help fight inflammation and tumors. It is my goal is to develop deserts for any disease with whole foods. One could be managing chemotherapy/radiation, diabetes or simply follows a keto diet, there’s a guilt free dessert for everyone.

Senthil Wholesome Rhapsody

I believe that if whole foods are used correctly, they can replace mainstream desserts. Cancer or not, everyone deserves a good (healthy) dessert.

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