He came, changed my life forever and left.

When Love Blossomed

We met at a conference and discovered that we study at the same school. The bond was instant. Soon, I was his confidante, he’d share about his financial crisis and his struggles fixing it. I could listen to him for hours.

Dimple Colon Cancer

Around that time, he’d started feeling sick; the feeling growing twofold each day. After visiting a doctor, he packed his bags and left for his hometown. He had stage 3 colon cancer. But there was hope, so he returned to college, juggled with school and chemotherapy while I put in all my energy to look after him as his parents were back home. After graduation, in the ICU, he confessed he was in love with me and proposed. I had been in love with him forever. I said yes!

The Struggles with Colon Cancer

But life threw another curve ball when his MRI scans showed that the cancer had spread everywhere. We had six months to cram a lifetime into. We got married at a temple, travelled continents, knocked every door looking for help, but nothing could be done. He left.

Helping the Society

At 27, I gave up my corporate career and founded @lovehealscancer and ZenOnco.io So many people are often lost after the initial diagnosis. An integrated health care system for cancer support ranging from the conventional treatment to mental, emotional and spiritual well being is the need of the hour. There was so much to share with the community after what I went through and I couldn’t leave that behind.


From breaking taboos associated with this disease to educating people that cancer patients don’t need sympathy, there’s so much one can do. I genuinely believe that beyond NGOs and hospitals, our people are our biggest strength. My dream is to bring millions together, sensitise them towards cancer and build a community that cares for its patients.

My husband lives with me every moment. I channelise my love for him into everything that I do. I do wish I didn’t have to see him die, but I know we are meant to meet and stay together in another lifetime. Our ‘forever’ is waiting.

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