On his Mother and Cancer

I have been associated with Computer Science and Engineering for over 25 years. Sometime, in the midst of building a life in this industry, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It came as an absolute shock. I tried to understand the experiences of caregivers during the course of my mother’s treatment. It was extremely painful. She went through intensive rounds of chemotherapy and the side effects left her weak and in indescribable pain. At some point she wanted to give up. I felt lost and helpless. Despite of our best efforts, we could not save her.

On Medicine, Ayurway and Ayurveda for Cancer

Losing my mother to cancer changed something deep inside me. The problem is that there is so little we know about the disease. We don’t know how to provide care and reach out to patients. In a bet to provide some support and make a difference, I started studying Ayurveda. It was in order to understand its benefits and place within the paradigm of cancer. Later, I earned a degree in Ayurveda at the California college of Ayurveda.

Sarat Ayurveda for cancer

In the meantime, I founded my brain child Ayurway . It is a wellness centre, which focuses on achieving holistic health through integrative and preventive approach. Ayurveda is known to ease the pain and side effects from chemotherapy and radiation without interfering with conventional treatment. Apart from Ayurveda, we integrate Western Herbology, Panchkarma, Aroma Therapy, Mental Imagery, Music Therapy etc. These bring in new perspective towards cancer prevention and care.

Sarat Ayurveda for cancer

Reaching out to the Community

We have a centre in Pleasanton, California and a clinic in Hyderabad. They are for anyone who is looking for help to relieve stress, anxiety and depression that may or may not be the result of cancer. We focus on nutrition and diet as well.

Over the past few years, I also set up a social responsibility team. Together, we set up several cancer conferences and food distribution programs.

Sarat Ayurveda for cancer

My ultimate goal is to ensure that no one wishes to give up on life. No matter what the problem is, no one should feel that way. I am here to help with Ayurway, Ayurveda for cancer cure is a very real possibility.

You can book an appointment at ayurway.com

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