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Saurabh Nimbkar: Cancer, Loss and Music of Hope


On His Mother’s Diagnosis

As a family we were close and well off. Sudden financial crisis forced my parents to sell our house. My father disappeared with the money leaving my mother to look after her two sons.

The pressure was immense. We were literally on the streets. My mother worked extremely hard to provide for us. Everything was a challenge; be it my college fees or putting food on the plate. Mom worked through it all. My elder brother got a job abroad and things started looking slightly brighter.

Saurabh music of hope

Somewhere around that time, mom started feeling uneasy. But like every other mother, she popped pills and carried on with work. When things looked alarming, we decided to run a few tests. She was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Our world came crashing down. I was in college, my brother came down, but we didn’t have the courage to break the news to her. We convinced her to begin with the treatment inspire of her tremendous resistance. My mother bore the pain of a bone marrow test, and tolerated the side effects of chemotherapy with patience. The treatment ended, but as fate would have it, the cancer relapsed and we lost her.

Media, Celebrities and the Music of Hope

During the course of her treatment, I’d often play songs on my guitar for her and the rest of the patients. After her demise, I often thought of those who probably couldn’t afford treatment at private hospitals just like us. I picked up my guitar and started playing in Mumbai locals to collect money and help the poor. RJ Malishka invited me to her radio show. Later, StarPlus featured me in one of their shows that was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan sir. He travelled in the trains with me and sang songs.

Saurabh music of hope

My desire has just grown threefold now. Today, I collaborate with corporates for my performances. We are able to raise over ten times the money I could from the trains. I am able to help several with this music of hope.

I miss my mother each day. Anyone in my place would question nature’s justice and I am no different. But, my mother’s love and blessings fuel my drive. Every person deserves a chance at a better treatment facility, I am playing my part to ensure just that.

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