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Sheetal Hirani: Bald is Beautiful


On Advocating Bald is Beautiful

A head full of hair has been a poignant contributing factor to define a woman’s beauty.

Over the years, I have seen cancer survivors, especially women, fight the ‘stigma’ of a bald head. Bald is beautiful is hardly a concept in India. The moment one loses hair after chemotherapy, they stop feeling beautiful, desired and loved. It had been a long standing dream to do something about it, but the usual rigmarole of life pushed the thought on the back burner.

sheetal bald is beautiful

Couple of weeks ago, I saw myself in the mirror and a strong desire flooded my entire being. I shaved; went bald. When I stepped out of the room, my parents and family were taken aback momentarily. When I explained I did it to stand in solidarity with cancer patients, they understood. It wasn’t easy to do what I did, but I kept thinking about all those women who have to battle the disease and the unrealistic beauty standards of our society each day.

Donating Hair for a Cause

Some friends guided me and in a few days I will neatly pack my hair in an envelope and send it to an organisation that makes wigs for cancer patients.

Sheetal bald is beautiful

Yes, I could have donated money, I could have donated a few inches of my hair, but that wouldn’t have been enough for me. I want to walk around with my head held high, I want to smile at people who point in my direction and to the countless questions society has asked me about my decision I want to ask them if they would have asked all those questions to a man.

Beauty is who you are. I believe humans evolve with experiences. These experiences are a window to their soul. That, to me, is beautiful.

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