bone marrow

Back in 2017, the NSS committee of my college had organised a bone marrow registration drive. Some volunteers from¬†Datri¬†came by and explained its importance. We were told that it has the ability to save lives and solve blood related disorders. I remember listening to them in absolute awe. Imagine giving a small part of your body (that is produced back in a month) to someone and giving them hope! I signed up immediately. At 19, I hoped and prayed I’d get that chance. Two years later, I was informed by Datri that I am a matched donor for someone battling leukemia.

I was ecstatic. The chances of being able to donate one’s marrow in a lifetime are too thin. I got that chance at 21. I informed my parents. They had legitimate concerns, but after a counselling session, they realised the gravity of what a little marrow from my body could do for another human; his family and friends.

Meeting the Recipient

I don’t know anything about the recipient of my bone marrow; except the cancer and that he is male. I think about him often. I hope each day that my marrow has helped him in his battle and recovery. I am waiting for the assigned time to end so that I can meet him.

bone marrow

What I did, inspired many of my friends and family to register. I believe India can really change the dynamics of BMT. If we can educate and motivate each individual to register, it’d impact global healthcare positively.

The Indian youth can take the charge here. At the end of the day, we are the future of this country and the only way to ensure that we are making a difference is by signing up for such causes and stepping up to save the lives of those who are suffering and can be saved. After all, what can be nobler than actively saving lives.

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