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Harsh Gandhi: Marrow Donation During Covid-19

Harsh marrow donation

On the Dilemma of Marrow Donation

Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown in my country turned out to be particularly challenging for me. My father had travelled to another city before the lockdown and was facing health issues. I couldn’t bring him home. Back at home, my younger brother had some medical challenges that needed time and attention. Amidst these problems, I received a call from DATRI that my marrow matched with a 14 year old fighting leukemia Believe me, I wanted to help, but the circumstances at home clouded my judgement momentarily. I needed time to think and plan.

Datri understood my concerns, counselled and I agreed. Moreover, they offered to help me bring my father home.

Travel Amidst Lockdown

I had to travel between cities for the marrow donation. My concerns about safety were put to rest the moment I saw the car and the safety kit for my protection. Donating a marrow during a complete lockdown can feel like a strange irony. Everything feels dead, no life on the roads and here you are, travelling from one city to another to save a teenager’s life.

Harsh marrow donation

Donating the Marrow

The process was longer since I had to test for Covid, wait for the results and then donate my marrow. I hadn’t ever donated blood in my life and I had agreed for marrow donation. I did feel anxious. There was no need though because it felt and looked just like blood donation. Few millilitres of my marrow, neatly sealed in a packet; a lifetime for someone.

I don’t know how they managed to do it, but Datri actually pulled all the strings and helped me bring my father home.

The feeling of actually contributing in saving someone’s life is surreal. Lockdown or not, covid or not, I’d do this again in a heartbeat.

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